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Project Description

Have you ever played a game and wished there was a permanent crosshair? Games like Ark Survival, Rust, and FPS shooters often provide a crosshair only if you've gotten certain upgrades, and only at certain times.


This application places a virtual crosshair in the center of your monitor that will not interfere with mouse clicks. Our application comes with a few different crosshair images, but will allow the user to place any crosshair image they like in the "images" folder to use as a crosshair.


The crosshair may be adjusted both horizontally and vertically as well as scaled up or down to the user's preference.


We support dynamic multiple monitors; so if you've got one screen or five, you are given a dropdown with only your specific number of monitors to pick where the crosshair should display.


This is a work in progress, and feedback and feature requests are welcome.

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